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Elixxi Facial Massage Kit
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Elixxi® Facial Massage Kit: Face Roller and Gua Sha

Contains a set of Face Roller and Gua Sha, a natural, alternative therapy that involves massaging your skin with traditional Chinese healing tools to improve your circulation, relieve pain and tension.

Alternate between Face Roller and Gua Sha for the maximum potential of these facial massage tools. On days when you need to be quick, the Face Roller can be a much more convenient and quick option to stimulate blood flow and draining puffiness. When you have more time to indulge in the ritual of skincare, opt for the gua sha to help incorporate some intuitive flow to your routine.


Face Roller

Product Description:

Face Roller is a beauty tool made of jade or other stones used for face massage. Similar to Gua Sha, Face Roller dates back to seventh-century China. It works by providing a cooling sensation on skin, boosts blood circulation, reduces under-eye puffiness and swelling, firms up skin and help products absorb better.

Tips to Use:

Always prep your face with moisturiser or oil before using Face Roller to avoid skin-tugging. Gently massage your skin with the Face Roller to stimulate the lymph nodes to drain fluids and toxins from the face, temporarily reducing puffiness. For added benefits, store your Face Roller in the fridge before using as the cool temperature of the stone helps alleviate puffiness.


Gua Sha

Product Description:

Gua Sha is a technique used in traditional Chinese healing method, Gua Sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a smooth-edged massage tool to improve your circulation, relieve pain and tension.

Tips to Use:

Always apply moisturiser or oil onto your skin before doing Gua Sha to avoid skin-tugging. Use gentle pressure and apply even strokes against your skin, preferably in the direction of lymphatic flow. An easy, feather-like stroke of a gentle facial gua sha technique is all it takes to flush the lymph into your body’s drainage system, releasing excess fluids that causes puffiness. 

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