“Beauty for all ages” conceived to embrace all consumers. At Elixxi Beauty, we aim to create and provide healthy and effective beauty products that are designed to treat, rejuvenate, and improve the skin and enhance our customer’s looks, as well as improve the overall lifestyles of our customers by helping them look beautiful and regaining their confidence.



• Active natural ingredients

• Clinically proven and fast results

• Exclusive and high quality product yet affordable

• Suitable for all skin types and age levels



We believe in the power of beauty and self-care to help people feel good, build confidence, find their community, and simply enjoy a few minutes to themselves. Our mission is to develop and scale as a purpose-driven brand that have a truly positive impact: products that Delight, communities that Empower, brand that Inspire. In a word Unique!



Our vision is to be a leading professional beauty brand marketed in Malaysia and globally through consistent innovation in the development of our skincare and beauty products. 

Our formulations are based on various stringent clinical studies, obtaining proven efficacy with the use of award-winning active ingredients. Our range of top-notch beauty and skincare products uses the highest quality natural ingredients that promote real, scalable results on all skin types, backed by science. 

The ingredients in our products are mostly sourced and imported from Europe, such as Norway and France. Elixxi™ Beauty further plans to expand our brand to the United Kingdom and many more countries across the globe. 

Our ultimate guiding vision is to develop a wide range of skincare and beauty products that offer fast and effective results, further improving our customers’ quality of life through:

• Consistent innovation that is aimed at developing advanced skincare and beauty solutions utilising premium active ingredients with clinically proven results;

• Professionally developing and enriching human resources, by offering a business platform, know-how and practical experiences to beauty and business enthusiasts.



We believe that no one should compromise skincare, beauty and personal hygiene, so we have created a top quality skincare and beauty range using the highest quality natural ingredients that are clinically tested and proven yet affordable. Our products are specifically designed to suit and complement the contemporary lifestyles of many.

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